How to Spring Clean Venetian Blinds

Springtime is here, so is the perfect time to have your house spring cleaned. When its spring-cleaning time, many people focus on cleaning the rest of the house and tend to forget about their window treatments. This is common amongst those who have blinds installed in their homes. So why do people forget about spring […]

Easy steps to cleaning Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds look great on any window frame; this continues to make them an absolute favourite in many homes across the world. However, many home-owners face a similar challenge when it comes to cleaning them. The truth is Venetian blinds are known to pick up grime and dust and are infamous for being tricky to clean. […]

A step by step guide to keeping aluminium venetian blinds clean

With Winter approaching most of our windows will stay closed, which ultimately sees the blinds hardly opened as well. This also means the blinds are now neglected i.e. they are rarely cleaned. The result of this is blinds that are cloaked with dust come to Spring. Well, this shouldn’t be the case, especially with aluminium venetian blinds. Aluminium venetian blinds are […]

8 Very Useful Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Awnings

If history is anything to go by, we know that we are in for a scorching summer in South Africa. With the increase in temperatures comes the increased need to spend time outdoors. However, when was the last time you took a broom or sponge to your awnings? We are all guilty of neglecting certain areas […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Outdoor Blinds

Summer is upon us. The days are getting hotter, and our pool areas and patio are looking more tempting as the days go by. If you have outdoor blinds in your patio area, you know that keeping them clean is a full-time job – if you want them to look good for years to come. However, there […]

How To Keep Your Bamboo Blinds Clean

It is that time of the year when you start to wind down and spend some much needed time at home. However, when you are spending that much time in your house, you tend to start picking up on things that need to be fixed, replaced or cleaned within your home. Now that you have […]

6 Easy Steps to Pre-Spring Clean Roller Blinds

We all love a clean home environment. Whether it is our floors, couches, tables or kitchens- we take pride in cleaning these spaces and items. However, there are a few areas that do get overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Areas like the ceiling corners, skirting boards and also blinds. A modern […]

2 Easy Steps to Keep Your Non-Fabric Blinds Clean

Invest in our quality wooden blinds or aluminium blinds and keep them looking good for years to come. When purchasing a home and decorating it or remodelling your existing house, selecting the finishing’s and fixtures are usually last on the list. These fixtures are needed when the budget is limited or near to non-existent.  Lighting, […]

Room Series: Entertainment, Recreation & More

Over the last few months, in our Room Series, we’ve covered all of the crucial rooms in a home and which window treatments suit each best. But there are some that cannot be categorised that we don’t want to miss. Have a look at some of our favourite looks and window treatments for those miscellaneous […]

6 Ideal Blinds for Office Environments

Windows without a covering or window treatment might bring in a lot of light, but with that light comes an assortment of otherwise avoidable problems. And these problems double in weight when pertaining to an office. For example, the glare on a computer screen can deter someone from doing their job to the best of […]

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