The world's most advanced roof skylight brings every room to life.

The 160DS and 290DS Daylight Systems are the most advanced tubular Skylights. As the original inventor of high performance Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD’s OR Tubular skylight) and Australian Design Award winner, Solatube Skylights combine breakthrough Optical Technology with advanced designs, and the highest quality materials to fill your living spaces with an abundance of pure, clear natural light.

The Add-on Vent Kit allows customers to reduce the number of fittings in their ceiling, by combining beautiful natural light and ventilation at the ceiling level. This innovative bathroom ventilation kit integrates into your Solatube® Daylighting System, offering a neat, stylish solution for lighting and ventilating your bathroom or ensuite.

Solatube provides the largest range of Tubular Skylight Accessories that allows any room in your home access to daylight. Rooms where a traditional roof skylight would not be an option, Solatube can provide the right accessory that will change, add or block the way light enters your home.